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Welcome to Wild Wonderful West Virginia!


Stairway to West Virginia is a blog created by Logan High School seniors.  Our goal is to provide resources about Southern West Virginia for anyone who might want to know a little fact and a little story about our place.

We realize that many teachers and students around the country read novels like Rocket Boys by Homer Hickam and The Glass Castle by Jeanetta Walls, and these readers may not know a great deal about our place.

It is our hope that this blog will provide a bit of information about the coalfield area of West Virginia.  The issues and topics addressed in this blog were selected by students, based on the advice of generous teachers from around the country.  This blog will continue to grow, as each successive year students add to the content. 

Visit often during the school year, as new material will be periodically added. 

P.S.–We hope you get our reference to Led Zepplin in the title and tag line of this blog!  — Class of ’08




1. tnellen - April 30, 2008


i have been exploring this blog with great interest.

i loved the use of teachertube and other technological tools by the young scholars. i learned bunches, thanks.

is this a new project? is it from a specific class? what grade level?

i noticed the dates were all recent. are there former projects?

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